Senate Candidates Spend Election Day Campaigning

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The race is on to replace Senator Bill Frist.

Six men are vying for that job.

The front runners, Republican Bob Corker, the former mayor of Chattanooga and Democrat Harold Ford Junior, currently representing Memphis in the US House.

Also on the ballot Chris Lugo, Gary Keplinger, Emory Bo Heyward, David Gathchell, and Ed Choate and even as the votes are being cast, the campaigning continues.

Cedar Bluff is part of Bob Corker's final swing to prod his base to turn out.

The pre-election polls have been all over the place.

Even though most of the latest show a Corker lead, on the fringes of the margin of error, that didn't stop him from dumping in two more million dollars of his own money to flood TV and radio with commercials.

Harold Ford's campaign also has back-loaded.

Not quite matching Corker spot-for-spot, but certainly stop for stop.

Despite both candidates saying publicly, that their respective parties should have left Tennessee elections to Tennesseans, both parties have flooded the air with attack ads trying to sway or dissuade.

"This is in God's Hands and the voters are going to make their choice tonight and I'll be able to live with their choice and I believe that choice will be victory for us and a victory for the state," says Harold Ford Jr.