Kentucky Poll Worker Allegedly Assaults Voter

Louisville, KY. (AP) -- A Kentucky voter apparently didn't want to vote in a race he wasn't familiar with.

Police say that's what led a poll worker to choke the man and throw him out of the polling place.

A spokesman for the sheriff's office said the dispute happened this morning in Louisville. The voter tried to beg off casting a ballot in a judicial election because he said he didn't know enough about the candidates. The poll worker on duty told the citizen he had to vote anyway.

Eventually, police say, the voter was grabbed by the neck and tossed from the polling place. The sheriff's spokesman said the man went back, only to be thrown out again. That's when election officials called police.

The 42-year-old poll worker has been charged with assault and interfering with an election.

As an elections official put it: "that about tops off the day."

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