Corker Wins US Senate

Chattanooga (WVLT) - Senator-Elect Bob Corker will soon be traveling to Washington, DC where he will be going through a little freshman orientation.

He came out the victor in a US Senate race that garnered national attention.

corker's victory came early in the morning, an end to a nail-biting election.

The party was in full swing, for a length of time that seemed almost unbearable to bob corker supporters and with most viewers already in bed, 1:30 a.m. Didn't come soon enough, finally.

"Please welcome, Senator Bob Corker," says Jimmy Haslam, Campaign Treasurer.

"The people of Tennessee have spoken once again, and I love what they have said, thank you so much," Corker said in his acceptance speech.

Throughout the past 25 months, both campaigns drew tears cheers and jeers through it's negative ads, over the top spending, and what the election would mean for the balance of power in Washington.

But in the end, it all boiled down to the issues.

"The campaign is over and I'm eager to start bringing together people solve our country's problems," Corker says.

"I think it's good, I think Bob will be a great senator, for the entire state and obviously for East Tennessee, Chattanooga, Knoxville, the Tri-Cities," says Haslam.

Even in his concession speech, Harold Ford Junior hinted at the divisiveness of the campaign. "Because I still believe there is a better way for Americans to conduct its affairs and I believe there's a better way for us to conduct campaigns."

"God bless our country, and God bless our state, let's go!" Corker says.

Senate-Elect Corker will soon hop on his bus for a state-wide thank you tour. He'll begin his new job in January.