'I Know You Are Resting, But I'm Not...'

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - This time last year, one school shooting hit to close to home, as shots rang out at Campbell County High School.

People in that community are coming together to remember that day and a friend they lost.

We've seen a lot of mar. Bruce's widow, Jo, in the past year. She has stood by what she calls her husband's mission and in many peoples eyes has remained remarkably strong.

But this weekend Jo took Stacy McCloud to a place where it's hard not to succumb to one's sorrow.

"He wanted two things. He wanted a bagpiper to play Amazing Grace on his way out and he wanted a flag to fly at his feet, he got both of those," says Jo Bruce.

When the wind is just right at Memorial Gardens, the place where Ken Bruce rests, everything stands still.

"It shows his beloved mountains, perfect for him."

Everything except that American flag he so wanted.

"This one has the perfect cross breeze and his will be flying high."

It's been 365 days since Jo Bruce lost her best friend.

"We're just doing the best we can. We get up every morning and we're going to keep going."

One year, that in the eyes of a widow, is really such a short amount of time.

"It's just part of the journey, the journey is so fresh"

While it's the memories of his life that keep Ken with her, several days a week you'll find her here.

"I know you are resting, but I'm not..."

With the pain each visit brings, so too comes a little bit of comfort.

"I know his spirit is in heaven, but it keeps me attached"

And in a way, when she's here, she believes Ken is too.

"There it comes, see?"

It never fails, when Jo visits, so does a train. Only fitting she says, since the very first house they moved into sat right next to some tracks.

"There are so many things that happen here that remind me, it reminds me not only of his life, but that life goes on."

Moving on is what she says her husband would want, so despite a broken heart, that's what she's doing.

"Ken lost his voice, so it became my responsibility to be his voice."

One day, the space next to ken will be hers. Until then, "I have work to do and I understand that"

She will fight to keep her husband's mission alive.

"He had way too much to give and way too many things to accomplish."