Memorial Service for Slain School Administrator Ken Bruce

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That incident that happened a year ago took the life of Ken Bruce, an assistant principal at Campbell County High School. As Campbell County remembers that day, they turn a painful tragedy into a source of strength.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel gives us a look at how the community is focusing on hope and healing.

"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have had succeeded, and that is something. Something that Ken left behind," Bruce's wife, Jo Bruce, said.

For Jo Bruce, Ken Bruce's widow, this man was a husband, a father, an educator, a friend, and example to live by.

"The legacy Ken Bruce left will always remind us to give back," education commissioner Lana Sevier said.

Many words describe him, but one student summed it up with what he thinks Mr. Bruce would want everyone to remember:

"Just call me a good man," one student said.

Several spoke about that good man -- a man who's touched each of their lives. He was a loyal friend.

"I walked into the office, and I felt someone walk behind me, and I knew that was Mr. Bruce. I didn't look at him, I didn't see him. I felt him on my right side and on my left side," principal Gary Seale said.

He was a comforter and comrade.

"I know some day I'm going to get to talk to Ken again and laugh and listen to some of those one-liners I've forgotten," assistant principal Jim Pierce said.

To remind everyone of his father's quick-wit, Patrick Bruce recanted some of those one liners.

"The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters," Bruce's son Patrick Bruce said.

He was strict, but strong, and through that strength his family and his friends live on.

"You will never be forgotten and we will hold you here forever," Jo Bruce said.

Wednesday night's memorial services also honored all the first responders who helped out at Campbell County High School on November 8th of last year.