Technicians Pull Votes from Disabled Machine

Knoxville (WVLT) - After nearly two days of waiting, the vote totals in Knox County are finally complete.

That means closure for deputies waiting to hear about their pensions.

In the end voters approved charter amendment question four by just under 500 votes.

Computer technicians had to remove four memory chips from a bad machine and put them in another.

But it wasn't easy and there was no guarantee there wasn't memory chip damage.

In the end the results brought cheers from Election Officials and Knox County Deputies.

Cheers from election officials after a delicate process to save vote totals from a damaged machine proved successful.

"I always knew that it would work. It was just a question of time and I appreciate everybody's patience and we apologize for the delay," says Knox County Administer of Elections Greg Mackay.

But not everyone was sure the process would work. The machine was taken to CTI on Middlebrook where four memory chips and the nearly two hundred tiny pins holding them in place were carefully removed by Pebble Davidson, making sure the pins were not damaged and putting those chips in a good machine. She says it was all in a days work.

"Just not a lot of people standing behind me usually," Davidson says.

The unusual process proved successful. Democrat and Republican representatives found common ground in the results as being reliable.

"I feel like the process seemed to be fair and reasonable," says Michael Brezina, Republican Representative.

"I saw nothing but total professional behavior on everybody's part and every vote counts," Democratic Representative Jeff Gleeson says.

But the big winners were the Knox County Deputies whose retirement pension amendment passed.

"Now they... Now they can retire," Fraternal Order of Police President Stan McCroskey says, getting choked up.

Now they just have two words for "yes" voters.

"Thank you..."

Mackay says they won't be having the damaged machine repaired.

He says they're not taking any chances and getting a brand new machine for future elections.