Federal Agency Won't Hold Public Hearing on Kentucky Plane Crash

Lexington, KY. (AP) -- Federal investigators won't hold a public hearing on the crash of Comair Flight 5191 and could rule on possible causes as early as next spring.

That announcement on the Lexington crash comes from the National Transportation Safety Board today.

It means the investigation into the August 27th crash that killed 49 people might not take nearly as long as once thought.

In January, the NTSB plans to release key documents, including a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder and information from the flight data report.

The federal agency says it will hold a public board meeting in late spring or early summer to possibly rule on the cause of the crash and potential safety recommendations.

An attorney for some families of crash victims says he's disappointed there won't be a hearing.

The plane crashed shortly after take-off at Blue Grass Airport. Only the co-pilot survived.

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