Corker, Ford on Thank You Tours

Knoxville (WVLT) - The campaign may be over, but bob corker and Harold Ford Junior are making one last run across the state.

This time it's to say thank you.

it's been a long, tiring race for both men, and Thursday is still a busy day for both of them.

Bob Corker and Harold Ford Junior have just a few more stops in Tennessee before taking a much needed break, then getting back to work next week.

"I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the tremendous help and kindness that you've shown me throughout the course of this campaign," says Senator-elect Bob Corker (R), on a stop in Knoxville.

"I'm more thankful than anything that so many people across this great state gave me the chance to share my views, and I'm even more thankful that it allowed me to listen to them," says Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN 9th) on his trip through East Tennessee.

Ford may have lost the senate race, but says his days in politics are far from over.

"I have no interest and will not run for Mayor of Memphis, but there are races 2 years and 4 years down the road, we will seriously look at that, but for now I'm just interested in trying to do all I can to help make a government work right now," says Congressman Ford.

Corker heads to DC next week to get organized, although no one has been chosen for his staff, he says the brightest, 'good' people will be by his side.

"What we wanna do is jump in very quickly to get ourselves set up in the appropriate way so that we can move ahead," says Senator-elect Corker.

And moving ahead is what both men are focused on now.

"I don't think God is through with me yet in terms of politics, I'll just go where he guides me," says Ford.

"The way that I want to repay you is to every day to do everything I possibly can to make you proud of the fact that you were involved in my campaign, thank you," adds Corker.

Corker has a stop in Nashville and then Memphis before heading home to Chattanooga, and then to Washington next week.

Ford left Knoxville for Chattanooga, then on to Nashville and after he will head home to Memphis.

He then said he was taking a few days off before Congress resumes Monday.