People Gather To Remember Veterans Day

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Saturday is officially veterans day, but East Tennesseeans and others around the country honored veterans today.And what better time than now to have a soldiers homecoming.
This morning people in the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin welcomed home soldiers who have recently returned from serving in the middle east.
Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has more on how veterans feel about the war currently being fought in Iraq.
Many believe the United States can win the war.
However, news about soldiers sacrifices are hard to hear, but all understand they have a job to do.
First Sergeant Raphel Maddox says, "every guy who ever wore a uniform you've gotta be extremely proud of, and thank the lord for them, thank the lord for this country."
Hundreds gathered to wave flags and cheer for the proud men and women who have fought for our country Friday.
Maddox continues, "it's an opportunity to come out here and support our veteran's who have paved the way to live the way we live today."
And to support those who are currently fighting for our freedoms.
Col. Max Haston, a TN army national guard says, "America is making a difference in Iraq and Afghanistan, I've been to both places, and they are making a difference, it's not shown, we just see the bad things sometimes."
The bad things, the hundreds of men and women who have lost their lives in operation Iraqi freedom.
Billy Jack Cunningham, retired from the 278th says, "I've known some kids that were killed and part of the regimen. It's surely different because my son could very well have been there just like a lot of sons are there already."
Cunningham says watching the soldiers march in the Veterans' Day parade makes him proud.
"Our soldiers are the best soldiers in the world."
And he says he has complete faith the US can win the war in Iraq.
"We can win it, there's no doubt about that, we can win it, we just, we're gonna win it yet, that's all there is to it."
And although lives will be lost to do it, Cunningham knows they're doing the right thing.
"There, first of all soldiers, they're proud to be American, ya know, it's the greatest country in the world, greatest country in the world and without the guys who are out there today, we wouldn't be here."
Many of the soldiers want to remind everyone that although a lot of bad news comes out of Iraq, we need to all remember the good things our troops do everyday.