2 Teenagers Shot In East Knoxville

Two teenagers were shot Saturday afternoon around 4 in East Knoxville.

The Knoxville Police Department says a 15 year old girl was shot in the chest while she was sitting on a porch on West New Street in East Knoxville. A 17 year old boy was also on the porch and was grazed in the leg.

Police tell us, the suspects are three black males were driving in a white honda civic or a ford focus.

Witnesses say they were driving, they saw the two on the porch, turned around and opened fire.

"They just bring some more stuff that used to happen five or six years ago, Just little gang stuff," said "Dre" a neighbor.

"There was a baby on this porch, these little kids, they be on the porch, they don't care, they just come by and they shot, doesn't matter where the bullets go," said neighbor Monica Gaston.

If police have a motive, they aren't saying just yet.