Citizens Get Free Flu Shots

Nearly 9,000 Knox County residents are a little more protected from the flu virus.

Free flu shot Saturday took place at 5 area high schools across the county.

Folks lined up all the way outside West High School before the sun came up this morning...

"We got here about 6:30 and already the line had begun to form."

Art Pickle is a Rotary Club member volunteering his time today.

Many say they moved through the line quickly.

"It was remarkably fast, maybe three or four minutes. I brought a book, thinking I'd have to read, but I didn't even read it."

No time to read for Lewis Fowler, Once he got into the gymnasium, he found more than a dozen nurses happy to roll up his sleeve.

"Pleasant, just a little sharp pain, but over like that."

Fowler says this is his first time getting a flu shot in 72 why today?

"Partly because it was free, partly because I know by reading that it's a really useful thing to do to prevent flu."

16-year old Kari Major is here with her mom and dad and says she's never gotten the flu.

"We come as a family each year for the flu shots and then we contribute to the empty stocking fund."

Paul Major says he swears by the flu shots every winter.

"We have not had any side effects or any colds or anything like that, so I would say it does help."

People of all ages immunized across Knox County. Nearly 10,000 were given in about three hours.

At nearly 13-dollars a shot, today's free-bee is helping those in need.