After Senate Defeat, What's Harold Ford Junior's Next Move?

Memphis, Tenn. (AP) -- Democrat Harold Ford Junior became a national political celebrity when he ran for the US Senate.

But since losing this week to the lower-key Republican Bob Corker, many are wondering what's next for the charismatic soon-to-be former Congressman from Memphis.

Some have speculated that Ford may run again for Senate at some point; take a job as a political analyst on TV; work with his father, Harold Ford Senior, as a lobbyist; or launch a bid for another political position.

Ford ruled out one option on Thursday, saying he has no interest in being Mayor of Memphis and will not run.

Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen says Ford is a young man and has plenty of time to run again for Senate if he chooses to.

Vanderbilt University Political Science Professor Christian Grose says Ford could lose some of his luster if he doesn't remain in the public eye.

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