Two Suspects on the Loose After Home Invasion

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It has been an extraordinary four days of violence in East Tennessee.
Monday, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is investigating a home invasion that turned dangerous. It happened on 25W70 in Jefferson County, that's just off I-40, exit 415, near Goose Creek.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has the latest developments.

The chief deputy with the sheriff's department spent the evening at the hospital with the victims, Roy and Wanda Taylor, hoping to get enough information to put together a composite sketch. Meanwhile, investigators continue their search for the couple at large.

"We've been friend's a good 15 years," said Wayne Walker, who is a friend of the victims.

Wayne Walker was driving home from work in Sevierville when he heard the news: His friend, Roy Taylor, was the victim of a home invasion, but when he heard his friend had been shot in the incident...

"Shocked me to death. I came straight up here, thought I could find some family member up here to see how he was," Walker said.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies say a man and woman stole a truck from a Newport Restaurant, drove it to this home on 25W70 near Goose Creek and broke in.

"I was coming up the Interstate and my wife called me and said she heard on the news he's got shot," Walker said.

The suspects shot Taylor in the shoulder and hit Taylor's wife, Wanda, in the head with the pistol. The victims own a gun and shot back at the suspects, but they got away.

"I'll make sure my doors stay locked because you don't know which way they'll go from here," Walker said.

Roy and Wanda Taylor are recovering at U-T Medical Center. Roy is stable while Wanda is listed in "guarded" condition. Meanwhile, the suspects drove to a gas station just down the road before ditching the truck and fleeing. Investigators found blood in the stolen vehicle. That's how they know at least one of the suspects was shot.

What they don't know at this hour is where the suspects are now, whether they've fled on foot or in another vehicle. Deputies are also trying to figure out why the suspects chose that particular home in Jefferson County. Sheriff David Davenport says his team will continue to search throughout the night and into tomorrow until they find the couple.