Neighbors Find Body of Dead 16-Year-Old in Backyard

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Alcoa, Blount County (WVLT) - Investigators in Blount County are still piecing together clues in the case of a teen shot to death early Tuesday morning.

Authorities hope you can help bring the boy's murderer to justice.

Sixteen-year-old Tamir Shereef's body was found in Alcoa's 100 block of West Bell Street.

Neighbors say they're hurt, and they want justice for this local boy found shot to death early this morning.

Alcoa Police search for clues, hoping to discover evidence that will lead them to the person responsible for violently ending the life of a 16-year-old neighborhood boy.

"And from what I was told, just the viciousness of it for somebody to just stand over, I don't understand," Scilla Kirk arrived home from work at 2:15 this morning, about 45 minutes after neighbors called 911 to report hearing gunshots.

"This is just really tragic. It was about 1:30 this morning, I heard 6 gunshots, and I got up and I even came outside and I looked around and I didn't see anything," says Angela Warren.

Aloca Police also did not find anything during their search.

Hours passed, then daylight revealed the teen's body.

"My husband came home at 7:30 this morning, and he said there was a body laying in the backyard, and we called 911. And sure enough, there was a young man laying back there dead," Warren says.

Now neighbors ask, "what if?" They say, had Shereef been found earlier, medical help might have saved his life.

"I was devastated," Kirk says. "I mean if you hear shots, you gotta keep looking, somebody should have done more I think."

Alcoa Police ask you call them if you have any information about this murder case, dial 981-4111 or the anonymous tip line at 380-4715.