TBI: Lousiville Woman Tried to Sell Baby

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Amber Nicole Tackett, 19, of Maryville tried to sell her child to a local couple in exchange for $2,700.
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Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) - We're learning more about a crime most would consider shocking, the unthinkable for any parent.

But police say this Blount County mother, identified tonight as 19-year-old Amber Nicole Tackett, tried to sell her baby for a few thousand dollars.

It's a bizarre story, but it happened right here last night in the parking lot of the Blount Justice Center.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officers arrested 19-year-old Tackett, of Louisville, after they say she tried to sell her baby girl to a local couple for $2,700. Two weeks ago Tackett had agreed to let the couple legally adopt the baby but she backed out, called the couple and said 'hey I'll sell her to you for $2,700.'

The couple works for the Blount County Sheriff's Department and agreed to the exchange at the Justice Center. They got a hold of TBI and through a covert operation the couple made the exchange and TBI arrested Tackett on the spot. Neighbors who helped her get ready for the baby are shocked, because they thought she was keeping it.

"She had no baby bed, I bought her a baby bed, because she didn't have one for the baby, no where to sleep. I helped her with charities to get clothes, they didn't have the money because she decided at the last minute she wanted to keep the baby," says neighbor Darlene Anderson.

Tackett is charged with one count of illegal payment in connection with the placement of a child. She's being held in the Blount County Jail on a $2,500 bond.