Alleged Rape Victim Sues Anderson Sheriff

Clinton, Anderson County (WVLT) - A woman who alleges she was raped at the hand of an Anderson County reserve officer has filed a lawsuit seeking damages against several agencies including the officer, the Anderson County Sheriff, and Anderson County.

WVLT is sticking with policy by not identifying rape victims.

Attorney Greg Isaacs says his client says she was being transported from a domestic disturbance to a position of safety in the care of an Anderson County reserve officer when the car went off the radar.

Isaacs is alleging the woman was a victim of assault against her will, and also that Anderson County was negligent in using reserve officers in this instance.

"Based on our investigation we have filed a complaint that she was victim of a sexual assault she was taken to a sexual assault crisis center that day... of Tennessee," says attorney Greg Isaacs.

Issacs says the woman is filing this lawsuit in hopes something like this doesn't happen again.

It is not clear how much money the victim is seeking at this time.