Woman Allegedly Tries to Exchange Baby For Money

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It's a crime that's left one Blount County community in shock. Nineteen-year-old Amber Nicole Tackett of Louisville is behind bars after police say she tried to sell her baby for a few thousand dollars.

Whitney Daniel has the story.

Just days after calling off adoption proceedings, Tackett called the couple trying to legally adopt her one-week old baby girl and offered to sell her to them. The couple agreed, but not after calling the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation first.

Trading a child for cash: It allegedly happened here in this parking lot -- a young mother allegedly sells her baby for $2,700 dollars. Now, 19-year-old Amber Nicole Tackett faces one count of illegal payments in connection with the placement of a child.

"I moved in and she was pregnant, and she didn't have anybody," neighbor Darlene Anderson said.

Darlene Anderson lives next door and was helping watch the baby.

"And I helped her with all these charities, get clothes, because they didn't have the money. Because she decided at the last minute she wanted to keep the baby," Anderson said.

But two weeks ago, Tackett had made arrangements with a local couple who works at the Blount County Sheriff's Department to legally adopt her baby girl.

"It was best to be with someone like Lisa and Kelly because they really cared," Anderson said.

Tackett backed out of the deal, but then allegedly decided she'd sell her baby to them for $2,700.

"Mine runs me crazy, but there's... you can't put a price on life... I mean, she's a week old," Anderson said.

Authorities say the couple agreed to the trade and called TBI who set up a covert operation. When Tackett exchanged the baby, she was immediately arrested. Anderson thinks Tackett might have asked for money to bail her boyfriend out of jail.

"When she couldn't get him out and after I watched the baby and they were pilled up so bad they didn't know where they was at, or who they were, and I didn't feel safe leaving the babies over there," Anderson said.

Anderson is a mother herself and says Tackett asked her for advice.

"She asked me what I think she should do: Do I think she'd be a good mother or do I think she's ready, and me being a single parent... No, I don't because it's a lot of work," Anderson said.

Tackett is being held in the Blount County jail on $2,500 bond.