Clinton Could Lose School District

Clinton, Anderson County (WVLT) - One East Tennessee town is taking a closer look at the future of its school system.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel is in Clinton where the city's education task force will be meeting in a few minutes.

The Clinton Schools Task Force is a group of parents and community leaders who are trying to come up with ways to make the city school system viable, so they aren't forced to merge with Anderson County Schools.

They're meeting here tonight at North Clinton Elementary

The purpose is to evaluate their schools and develop a plan of improvement.

One thing they hope to accomplish is to put an end to the rumors the city council plans to turn the school system over to the county.

There are only three elementary schools in the Clinton City School System and enrollment is dropping.

The meeting starts at six at North Clinton Elementary School, they're looking for input from parents.

At 11, we'll recap tonight's meeting, take a close look at the ideas, see if they're feasible to save the school system.