Clinton City Schools to Close?

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They've scored very well -- As and Bs -- on their state report card, but what does the future hold for Clinton City Schools?

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel spent the evening attending a community meeting.

A lot of concern in the Clinton Community. Many parents were afraid their child's schools are closing, but that isn't happening. To make sure it never does, a group of parents and community leaders have formed a task force to brainstorm ways to improve the system.

"I think one of the main draws to a town or a city is the education," task force member Tim Bible said.

That's why so many are fighting to keep the quality of Clinton City Schools.

"One of the reasons I moved here was to have my family attend a wonderful school systems so I'm here to make sure a great system stays here and improves," Bible said.

Several parents turned out to the task force's third meeting.

"If this school was to close, it would be detrimental not just to us, but to the whole community because this is a family," parent Jennifer Hutchison said.

Many attended with the impression that the schools might close or consolidate with the county -- the task force wants to clarify that isn't the case. Their job is to try to improve the system.

"At the same time, we can look at areas for cost improvements for efficiencies of services and it's a good chance to look at everything and see what we can do to improve the whole system," task force member Monnie Champion said.

"In order to add programs, we need an increase in funding," Bible said.

Questions of funding, busing and enrollment are all concerns.

"You have the smaller student-to-teacher ratios, the teachers really focus on these kids and it's really the one-on-one basis," Hutchison said.

And many parents say a smaller school with more opportunities will help build a better education foundation for their kids.

"Clinton City Schools have given them an excellent education, they've had advanced classes, they've had opportunities and it's positioned them well for Clinton Middle School and Clinton High School," task force member Monnie Champion said.

The group hopes to begin developing recommendations mid-January.
They'll make a presentation to the school board March 13th and to city council March 16th.