TSA Reminds Infrequent Travelers to Know The New Rules Before Heavy Holiday Season

Washington (AP) -- Long airport waits over the next month or so may be inevitable for holiday travelers, but the Transportation Security Administration says there are some things you can do to minimize delays.

The government is reminding infrequent travelers of new security rules put in place since an alleged airline terror plot was foiled in August. And it's hoping those taking to the skies for an early start to Thanksgiving activities are paying attention.

Travelers are allowed to carry very limited amounts of liquids and gels. The TSA calls it the "three-one-one" rule: three ounces or less of liquid or gel, placed in one, one-quart clear plastic bag.

A spokesman says many passengers are still trying to bring things like large shampoo bottles on board. He says a delay of a minute per passenger at each checkpoint can add up to big waits.