Crews Extinguish University of Tennessee Engineering Building Fire

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UT Campus, Knoxville (WVLT) – A fire in the

We begin the NewsHour with the latest from UT Campus, where an engineering building caught on fire this afternoon.

Here's what we know... The Dougherty Engineering Building, on a part of campus known as The Hill, caught fire.

A UT spokesperson tells us some research on what is called a dynamometer overheated. The tool is used to test road friction, and that caused the fire on a section of this five story building.

Four people were in the building, all got out safely, one had to be taken out by ladder. No one was hurt.

We do know the building does have sprinklers.

Saturday, investigators will examine the building to determine what to do next.

Thousands of people in and around the campus were affected by the fire, even if it was just something they noticed out of their office or classroom windows.

Certainly it's scary for students here on campus when they see a part of their every day routine on fire, especially those who have friends in the building.

Many students were changing classes as the fire broke out. A lot of people commenting on the thick black smoke they were seeing.

"When I started walling up the hill to Ayers, I saw a bunch of smoke in the sky and I thought it was coming from Ayrs, but it was behind there in the Daugherty Building," Freshman Fritz Basile says.

"It was scary because I know I have a lot of friends in there," says Freshman Brooke Taylor.

"I was like, oh my God, I can't believe I was just next to the building. How did that happen so fast?" says Junior Rebecca Thaler.

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