Lawsuit Filed Against Anderson Co. Schools Over Flag Dispute

Knoxville (WVLT) - Another East Tennessee county is now dealing with legal problems rooted in the rebel flag.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb was at the Federal Courthouse when a lawsuit was filed against Anderson County.

This is the second lawsuit against an East Tennessee school district this year regarding school districts stopping students from wearing Confederate symbols on clothing.

And attorneys for the plaintiffs say there could be more.

Attorneys with the Southern Legal Resources Center filed suit this morning against the Anderson County School System.

They say the school system violated a student's First Amendment right when he was suspended for wearing a shirt and belt earlier this year with confederate symbols on them.

"He's wanting to defend his ancestors and he feels very badly when the school, using it's official power through the state and federal government are telling him if you wear this you are a racist and that's just not right," says attorney Van Irion.

A federal judge ruled against a preliminary injunction in the Blount County case earlier this year.

Irion says he anticipates a hearing with a Federal Appellate Court on the Blount County case early next year on that issue.

Trial for the Blount County case is set for June 2007.

Anderson County school officials say they have no comment on the case that was filed Monday.