Holiday Travel Alert: State Troopers Every 10 Miles

Nashville (AP) -- The Auto Club South says more than 733,000 Tennesseans will travel by car over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The AAA affiliate expects 83% of travelers nationally to take trips of at least 50 miles between Wednesday and Monday. The figure could be higher in the Southeast.

Thanksgiving travel is expected to be up by three percent over last year's in the region.

Another 107,000 Tennesseans are expected to travel by air and about 40,000 by train or bus.

The auto club says gasoline prices have edged up a bit, but are still about 20 cents per gallon cheaper than last Thanksgiving weekend's prices.

State Troopers will step up traffic enforcement over the long holiday weekend.

The THP is joining seven other states to place troopers about every ten miles along the cross-country route of Interstate 40.

During last year's Thanksgiving weekend, 17 people died in Tennessee traffic crashes between 6:00 p.m. Wednesday and midnight Sunday.

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