Meigs Superintendent: Before School Chatter About Nuclear Leak Caused Concern

Spring City, Meigs County (WVLT) - Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb is in Meigs County this afternoon, following school officials' decision to cancel classes this morning.

School officials say it was all about timing. If school had already started, everyone would still be in school.

Meigs county school officials say they made the decision at 7:45 this morning to go ahead and let parents take their children home.

Buses were held until 9:00 a.m. To give parents time to be notified children were coming home.

The school superintendent says before-school-chatter, so to speak, about the watts bar incident had raised public concern.

"Anytime they go on the radio and people's scanners get it, then cell phones and my principals were telling me a lot of parents were calling in coming to get their children and they weren't coming to school anyway, that played as big a part of us canceling school as anything," Robert Greene, Meigs County Schools Superintendent.

Greene says they were already dealing with low attendance due to the holiday beginning Wednesday and the popular teacher's funeral set for this afternoon.