How To Avoid Overeating

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Thanksgiving is the official start to the holiday season, and many people celebrate it with the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes.
But how do you avoid eating too much?
WVLT's Medical Reporter Jessa Goddard looks at ways to resist the pressure of loading down with extra helpings.
If you're like most people, when you think of Thanksgiving, you think of Thanksgiving dinner.
But there's no need to deprive yourself of your favorite food or holiday treat.
Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Sandy Altizer says it's all about priorities, assign your favorite foods a nine or ten, and foods you can do without a one, two or three.
"So eat the nines and tens, have moderate amounts, get a taste for it and leave the ones, twos and threes on the table. That way, you walk away being fulfilled with some of your favorite foods, but you're not overindulging in every single food."
As always, moderation is key.
Split your plate into three sections, protein, non-starchy vegetables and starches.
Altizer says "you want to have a good mixture of about thee ounces of protein, preferably from a turkey and preferably that being white meat instead of dark meat, you save about four to five grams of fat by switching to white meat per three ounce serving."
Non-starchy vegetables, like green beans, should make up the largest portion of your plate.
And starches like mashed potatoes should be limited.
Though, the real danger usually comes in the form of second helpings. It's hard to resist not going back for more.
But if leftovers aren't sitting there in front of you, they'll be less of a temptation.
Altizer says that "ideally, if you can go ahead and wrap up all the leftovers, put them out of sight out of mind, so to speak. Get them in the refrigerator, clear the table. "
And move your meal up, the earlier you eat, the better chance you have to burn off additional calories.