Holiday Travel

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(WVLT) - As we head into the Holidays and you head out onto the roadways, don't let the thought of getting to your destination quickly outweigh the importance of getting there safely.

You can expect long lines at the airport and a lot more law enforcement out on the roads. Let me ask you this: How many of you are familiar with this red light at Kingston Pike and Papermill?
Well, you'll want to get familiar with stopping when it's red. The new red light camera here goes online Tuesday night at midnight.

No matter where you are or where you're going there are rules and regulations you have to follow, whether you're traveling on the ground or by air.

Laura McBrayer has her hands full. Not with luggage, with three kids!

"We just pack a lot of stuff with us, some snacks and toys and games and they did pretty well," McBrayer said.

"Seems like everywhere you go you're waiting an hour extra just to get there," traveler P.J. Henley said.

But with all the lines and all this stuff, is it worth flying from Cleveland?

"I drove it last week by myself... with three children," McBrayer said.

Enough said, but this travel experience flew by with ease because Laura was prepared.

"I got online to look to and see what we could do and I had everything in our little baggy and we were all prepared," McBrayer said.

The 3-1-1 rule is a good guideline to follow: You can carry liquids, aerosols and gels in 3 ounce containers packed in a clear plastic bag and only one bag per person.

"If you can squeeze it, spray it, spill it, smear it... it's something you've got to put in one of these containers," TSA spokesman Martin Thon said.

But if you prefer the highway, you have rules to follow, too.

"Have patience when you drive," Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen said.

AAA estimates 733,000 of you will hit the roads, and KPD is making sure you stay safe.

"There's nothing worse that can happen than someone on their way to visit loved ones be involved in a crash and, heaven forbid, they be injured or seriously hurt," Owen said.

To avoid that, officers will look for impaired drivers, speeding, those following too closely and driving recklessly. Also, seat belt use and proper child restraints, but no matter how or where you're headed...

"Thursday, we're driving to Ohio, Columbus, Ohio," traveler Shauna Powell said.

It looks like everyone is looking for the quickest route.

"There's usually not as much traffic because everyone's already there by then!" Powell said.

Another travel tip -- if you are taking Christmas gifts to family or friends and you're flying: Don't wrap your gifts. Security will un-wrap them and screen them like any other piece of luggage.

Here are some helpful websites for you to get information on road and air conditions:
McGhee Tyson Airport -
Transportation Security Administration -
Tennessee Department of Transportation -