Train Collision Causes Injuries, Derailment in Memphis

Memphis (AP) -- A low-speed accident early Wednesday morning involving two trains sent train railroad crew members to a hospital, though their injuries were not serious.

Union Pacific spokesman Joe Arbona says four rail cars on an eastbound Union Pacific train derailed after that train hit a stopped Burlington Northern Santa Fe train.

Two crewmen on the Union Pacific train suffered "cuts and bruises."

Burlington Northern spokesman Joe Faust says neither the conductor nor the engineer of the Burlington Northern train were injured.

No one outside the train was hurt.

Two of the Union Pacific cars which overturned were empty. The other two were carrying non-hazardous products that did not spill.

Faust says the Burlington Northern coal train was empty and none of its cars overturned. That train's front locomotive was damaged in the crash.

Union Pacific officials are on scene investigating the incident.

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