Nearly 90 Homes Damaged After Explosion At Mass. Chemical Plant

Danvers, Mass. (AP) -- Authorities in Danvers, Massachusetts, say it "looks like a war zone" after a chemical plant there exploded early this morning and sparked a massive fire.

Officials say nearly 90 homes have been damaged by the blast and fire, but there have only been minor injuries.

Rooftops have been ripped off of homes near the plant and other buildings have been shaken off their foundations. The town's fire chief says 15 to 25 of the damaged homes probably can't be saved.

Utilities are out across the neighborhood, which is about 20 miles north of Boston. Town officials have canceled school for the day, while some resident hoping to drive are stuck because their garage doors had been blown off their rails.

Authorities say it's too early to speculate what caused the explosion.

VIDEO: Explosion Near Boston Damages Homes

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