Holiday Headache: Lost Luggage

(WVLT) - The higher security measures at all U.S. airports are paving way to another travel problem this holiday season: lost luggage. The Department of Homeland Security changed their rules in June after an alleged terror plot and will not allow people to carry-on large bottles of liquids or gels. So, more people are checking their luggage and that means you have a higher risk of your luggage being lost. In September, 183,000 more fliers lost their luggage than the year before. Here are some tips for you to remember if you luggage is lost when you fly this holiday season:

-Always file a "lost or stolen" luggage claim with the airline. Most of the time, the luggage is just misplaced and will be returned within 48 hours. But it may not get returned if you don't report it missing.

-If your luggage is not found, you must file a written claim for damages. On U.S. airlines, you could get as much as $2,800 reimbursed.

-You should always keep an itemized list of what is in your luggage in your carry-on bag, especially when it comes to expensive jewelry and electronics. You are advised to do this BEFORE your trip so you have it ready just in case.