Honey, There's a Turkey in the Hot Tub!

Naperville, Ill. (AP) -- Every Thanksgiving Day dawns with people discovering their turkey isn't thawed yet.

If you're one of those people, Nicole Johnson at the Butterball Turkey Hotline, says you can use the cold-water-bath method.

Put the turkey, wrapper and all, in cold water in the bathtub and leave it there one-half-hour for every pound. Change the water frequently.

Johnson's heard some innovative suggestions for thawing turkeys. One woman asked if she could hang it out on her clothesline, though she didn't explain how it would stay up there. Another man wanted to thaw his turkey in his Jacuzzi, with hot jets flowing.

Johnson says if you stuffed your turkey, put a thermometer in the stuffing and it's likely done when it reaches 165 degrees. No stuffing? You need the thermometer in the breast to read 170 degrees and the deep thigh area 180.

The Butterball Turkey Hotline: 1-800-butterball or 1-800-288-8372

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