Mobile Meals Brings Thanksgiving to Elderly

Knoxville (WVLT) - Hundreds of people look forward to a visit from Mobile Meal Volunteers every day.

And on Thanksgiving, seeing a friendly face, and getting a hot meal means a lot.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt takes you along with a few volunteers as they make special holiday deliveries.

For Franci May, seeing the look on their faces is thanks enough, "You fall in love with the people. They're all good people they're all needy as far as not being able to cook for themselves, take care of themselves, and we enjoy it."

May is a regular volunteer with Mobile Meals.

Today she and dozens of volunteers spent the morning packing coolers with a hot meal, fruit, milk and dessert for 408 people in need.

It's something Mobile Meals does everyday, but today it's extra special.

"To have somebody come who, with a smile that cares and is pleasant to them, means a lot to them," says volunteer Barbara Monte.

Today, May's niece Terry is coming along for the deliveries too.

One of Franci's favorite couples are the Highlands.

94-year-old Dyliss and 96-year-old Melbourne can no longer cook or drive.

"Since I'm not physically able to cook anymore it means living in our home instead of an institution somewhere," Dyliss says.

The Highlands weren't expecting a visit on Thanksgiving.

"It was a surprise, we didn't think anyone was coming today," Melbourne says.

But they are always grateful for the company.

"It means somebody cares, makes you feel like somebody cares for ya, and that's wonderful," Melbourne adds.

And for Franci, it's not just about helping her community. "I enjoy being with these people and seeing that they get taken care of."