Bargain Buys on Black Friday

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Six hours and counting until many stores open for their Black Friday Doorbuster sales, but there is one that's open this Thursday evening.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel joins us there among the excitement.

There are a lot of happy shoppers here at CompUSA in West Knoxville.
The store opened at nine for folks to begin their holiday shopping, and folks started lining up at six for bargains and more!

"The whole hype of the thing. I just like getting out in the crowd and watching what everyone else is doing, just kind of fun and exciting," shopper Jason Nipper said.

If waiting is exciting... imagine buying!

"I'm looking for computer, for notebook, for example," shopper Andrei Betroe said.

"We are looking for a GPS system," Anup and Meghna Mystery said.

Anup and Meghna Mystery are taking their spot at the front of the line this year.

"Last year, we were about... at least 150 or 200 people ahead of us," Mystery said.

They have their eyes on a GPS system that generally runs about $400, but Thursday night...

"It's about a $180 GPS system which we wanted for a long time and this looks like a good buy," Mystery said.

CompUSA is one of the few stores open Thanksgiving night. They're running a special early, early-bird sale before their Black Friday Doorbuster Sale in the morning.

"Tomorrow they are not such as good deal as today for this specific item," Betroe said.

It's a long wait, but shoppers say it's worth it.

"I wouldn't stand here for 10 or 15 dollars, but if I can save a few hundred dollars, it's worth me standing here," Nipper said.

CompUSA is open until midnight Thursday night. Most of the big sales start in the morning. We hear there is already a big crowd camping out at Best Buy to get their hands on the big bargains.