Sunday Hassle For Drivers

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is known as one of the worst driving days of the year, as people return home from visiting relatives and friends.

We caught up with folks around East Tennessee who tell us why they should have left Saturday.

Doris Jacobs has a seven hour drive ahead of her. Luckily she's got a van full of family and friends to keep her company.

"We're going to go back and we're going to stop off a couple places, probably get home about eleven or twelve tonight, and get up and go to work tomorrow and start the week all over again."

Jacobs says she knows the trip won't be on cruise control the entire way.

"We're going to probably hit traffic on 81 going back. A lot of travelers this time of day. It's usually when there's going to be a lot of congestion."

Margaret Shields is headed four hours home to Decator, Alabama by herself, and she has a game plan.

"First I pray, and then just put some music on and just respect other drivers. If I get tired, get out and walk around."

Shields says you never know what kind of traffic to expect after a big holiday weekend.

"Rollercoaster really. You get into traffic, packs of traffic and then it kind of dies down some."

A four hour drive is nothing for travelers like Catherine Kinnard who has about ten more hours.

We have three drivers, so we'll take turns, driving 2-3 hours per person."

Kinnard is from Pontiac Michigan.

"Bumber to bumper traffic, cause we saw a lot of signs saying Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, so we're all heading back north."

"We have to go to work on Monday, and so we were hoping that everybody left Saturday so we had the road to ourselves, but that didn't happen."

Others avoided the interestate altogether, and dealt with a different kind of traffic.

"I''m suprised so far. There really aren't that many people here. It only took about five minutes to get through security," said Matt Googe.

Matt is flying back to school in Waco Texas with a layover in Dallas that worries him.

"I expect a lot of people, my bag might get lost, probably some delays."

Parents like Jennifer Baker say she'll take the delays over a car ride any day.

"He's a little difficult to drive with. Car seats aren't very fun for little children and the DVD player doesn't cut it for eight hours."