Secret to Healthy Skin All Winter

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Knoxville (WVLT) - With December approaching this Friday, we know winter is about to set in.

And along with the snow shovels, anti-freeze and fire wood you also need something else to prepare, water.

In this week's Healthy Tennessean, Medical Reporter Jessa Goddard has details on why water is more than skin deep.

Is your skin itchy and dry?

There are several different reasons why that happens this time of year.

And rather than going out and buying that expensive moisturizer for relief, you need look no further than your kitchen refrigerator.

Forget the make-up counter; your supermarket could be the solution to your skin problems.

Remember, it's just as important to stay hydrated during the winter months, as it is the summer.

And, in fact, dermatologist Doctor Matthew Doppelt says it can be even more difficult. "Typically, this time of year, it's very difficult to maintain the hydration of your skin because the percentage of humidity is so much lower."

Humidity needs to be at least 30 percent in order to maintain proper skin moisture.

Then, there's the temperature, you can't control the weather outside, but you can control your thermostat.

"Also, instead of having your thermostat set for 76, 78, nice and warm inside, if you keep it a little bit on the cooler side that will also help."

But the real key to glowing skin might come right out of your kitchen faucet.

Keeping hydrated is no easy task. Have you ever tried drinking the recommended eight, eight ounce glasses a day?

Doctor Doppelt says whether it's bottled or tap, this is a case of quantity counts.

"I'm not quite sure that it matters which water that we drink. I think what's more important how much water that we drink. And so, I think if you're drinking good, clean pure water... I think you're in pretty good shape."

Though there are certain brands of water which claim to be a "spa in a bottle," with all the components to maintain the perfect complexion throughout the year.

Besides staying hydrated, you want to use a good unscented moisturizer.

Scented ones can irritate your skin.

And you want to keep those steaming hot showers to a minimum; hot water for extended periods of time can further dry out your skin.