Stuffing Stockings For Marines

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As the holidays approach, friends and families of the 4th Combat Engineering Battalion Marine Corps are sending stockings full of love to their loved ones.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has the story.

This is the first holiday season the marines from the Knoxville area have been deployed, and to make it special for their loved ones, family and friends are sending a special gift overseas. However, one volunteer reminded everyone what the season of giving is all about.

"This year I'm going to help the military in a different way, and I think it's going to be fun," volunteer Taylor Cosey said.

For 5-year-old, Taylor Cosey, it was a blast.

"We're packing stockings for the military," Cosey said.

The Fourth Combat Engineer Battalion Marines left for Iraq six months ago.

"This is going to be my first Christmas in 21 years without my son, so we want him know that were supporting him and all the Marines and this just means a lot to us family members as well," marine mom Tabby Nelson said.

So this group stuffed and squeezed and shoved all kind of goodies into stockings for their heroes.

When since these families can't be with their loved ones through the holidays, this is the next best thing.

"Just to get together and be able to share, not only in doing this, but to talk about our Marine, and it's kind of like a therapy for us," Nelson said.

And it's not just family sending holiday cheer an ocean away, groups from local churches are also pitching in.

"The guys are so lonely," Sandy Trull from Westpark Baptist Church said.

Sandy Trull knows. She's been raised military and is the proud mother of a Marine.

"If we can do anything to fee 'Hey, we appreciate you, we thank you, we haven't forgotten you' just one little word makes all the difference to these guys," Trull said.

And this little one is making a big difference with her big heart. She isn't finished giving just yet.

"I still got to pick something off of the Angel Tree," Cosey said.

Tuesday, the group also put together scrapbooks that everyone signed and a few boxes of games and balls to hand out to the kids in Iraq.