Radiation Traces Found On At Least Two Planes

London (AP) -- Small traces of radiation have turned up on two British Airways jets, according to both the airline and the British government. Officials say a third plane will be tested.

The airline says the investigation is confined to those three planes, all of which are grounded.

British Airways says it will be in touch with passengers who used the planes.

The disclosure comes as the search for clues widens in the case of a former Russian spy who died last week in London after coming down with radiation poisoning.

High doses of a rare radioactive element were found in his body, and authorities want to know where it came from. The element is normally made in specialized nuclear facilities.

Media reports today in both Britain and Russia say the ex-spy was involved in smuggling nuclear substances out of Russia.

Traces of radiation were earlier found in a half-dozen sites the former spy visited before he died.

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