Three Arrested in Connection With Jefferson Co. Robbery

Dandridge, Jefferson County (WVLT) - Three suspects are behind bars after a complicated investigation into a home invasion in Jefferson County.

As Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel reports, the victims feel much safer in their home.

Roy and Wanda Taylor were cooking soup in the middle of the day on November 13th when they became the victims of an attempted armed robbery. However, a weapon that Roy keeps hidden in his home may have saved his life.

"It took a lot of fear away from me. I've been worried about it," Roy Taylor said.

Roy Taylor and his wife, Wanda, are breathing a sigh of relief after three suspects, accused of trying to rob them, are caught.

"Investigators had to go out of state on all three of these individuals," Jefferson County sheriff David Davenport said.

They caught 38-year-old Richard Stapleton in North Carolina, 35-year-old Randall Hall was found in Atlanta, Georgia and authorities found 20-year-old Miranda Briscoe in Toldeo, Ohio.

"Richard, like I said, I known him since he's been a little baby," Taylor said.

Taylor never saw Stapleton during the incident. He thinks he was driving the truck the suspects fled in, but authorities say it all began when Brisco, claiming car trouble, asked to use the telephone. Hall then allegedly entered the home and held Taylor at gunpoint.

"He says, 'I'm going to kill you if you don't hit the floor,' and by that time he shot the floor over there," Taylor said.

Now, this bullet hole in the kitchen floor and another cut from the wall serve as constant reminders of what happened here November 13th.

"That's when my wife, she tore in fightin' both of them, and I got my gun out. He seen me get my gun out, so he shot me and after he shot me I shot back at him and she started running across and I shot her," Taylor said.

"When they found he had a weapon, they decided it was time for them to leave the premises," Davenport said.

Investigators say the suspects were after valuables and money. Taylor says since Stapleton was allegedly involved, maybe it was something else.

"I sold him so property here a few years ago and he still owed me for some and I got a deed, so maybe he was after the deed... I really don't know, I really don't know what he was thinkin'," Taylor said.

The suspects are being charged with attempted especially aggravated armed robbery. Stapleton is being held in the Jefferson County jail. Hall and Briscoe are still in Atlanta and Toledo. All three are from Newport, Tennessee and will be brought back to Jefferson County in the next few days for preliminary hearings.