Officials Pitch Location for KUB Transfer Station to Public

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Knoxville (WVLT) - After almost 16 years of wishing, fishing, planning and debating, Knoxville city leaders and the Public Building Authority believe they've figured out where to hub all of KAT's bus routes.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Gordon body takes a look at what leaders consider to be a done deal.

Done if the feds approve the plan, a significant given the feds are putting up most of the money, about $22 million.

What does seem clear to most everybody, KAT's outgrown it's old stops.

KAT and his granddaddy bus lines have been Rose Turner's lifelines for 45 years, but she'd prefer that they not all merge or converge at the City/County Building.

"They should move it up on Gay Street where it was Watts Department Store; they ought to put it down there," Turner says.

Actually the selection committee prefers Church Avenue near the Coliseum.

Three million dollars has already spent on planning.

The building could cost another $24 million, including buying out the American Accessories Building.

But Phyllis Brantley just as soon stay put on Main. "This is nice location, they should just keep it here."

It'd cost less, about $18 million.

But analysts say it gives KAT little room to grow, especially when traffic begins to clog at rush and lunch hours.

The least favorite and most expensive choice: the old Southern Railway Depot.

$25 million to build and you would lose the railway spur. besides, "if you want to pay kub you would have to walk back and catch the bus or walk all the way down and a lot of elderly people aren't able to do all that walking," as Turner says.

For Raquel Carmichael and 4-month-old son Adarius where KAT's transfer station is doesn't matter.

What does, is that KAT keeps rolling. "I come to go to work and to take my son to the doctor."

Wednesday night's meeting by no means settles everything. The feds would have to approve a design not yet begun.

And the earliest work could begin is next fall. We'll have more on what your neighbors have to say on the NightWATCH.