Power Outages and School Closings

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Thousands of people are still in the dark this afternoon, the strong winds knocked down numerous tree limbs and power poles this morning.

KUB is reporting a little less than 20,000 homes and businesses are still without power this afternoon in Knox County.

Union County has more than a thousand and Grainger County is about 300 locations without power.

At its peak, more than 40,000 people were in the dark in Knox County.

KUB warns as the wind picks up more houses could lose electricity.

Three schools are also without power this afternoon. At the peak 15 were without power this morning.

Inskip Elementary was one of those schools. Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt is there to find out how are students handling it.

The power here at Inskip Elementary went down about 9:00 this morning so students in kindergarten through 5th grade were already in the building.

We just spoke with the principal she says 3rd through 5th were moved inside to the cafeteria because of the wind but classes are going on as normal.

Green and Mount Olive Elementary Schools are also still without power. Northwest Middle School now has partial power.

Some schools lost power at 6:00 this morning, but students still went to school. Russ Oaks with Knox County Schools says the warm day helps with the situation and some schools only lost power for about 45 minutes so they didn't want to cancel classes.

KUB is working with the schools to get power back up. Its lunch time for most schools but Oaks says a lot of them already have food prepared or box lunches can be brought in.

No schools in Knox County have been cancelled so far today. And no damage has been reported at any of the schools. If the superintendent decides to send kids home we will of course let you know but Russ Oaks says as of right now schools will stay open.

There are several schools in surrounding counties that are closing down for the day because of the wind and power problems. Morgan County, Meigs County, Union County, and Etowah County are all closed for the day.