Wild Winter Weather Caused Delays, Cancellations at Knoxville Airport

Knoxville (WVLT) - The weather in Chicago is leaving some passengers stuck in Knoxville.

At McGhee-Tyson Airport, United and American Airlines flights headed to Chicago out of Knoxville are cancelled through 1:15 this afternoon.

Even if they get going, after that, they will probably still be delayed

Right now you can expect some delays of 5 and a half hours if you are heading to Chicago, going to Newark expect an extra three and a half hours and for JFK in New York or Philadelphia they are both having three hour delays.

Air travelers took to their seats today at McGhee Tyson as they either waited for their flight to leave or for people to arrive. Some breathe a sigh of relief if they had no delays.

A reminder, check with your airline before you leave for the airport today.

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