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Knoxville (WVLT) - It's going to get pretty cold, and you may have to turn up your thermostat from now on.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford shows us how you can get some help paying your heating bill this winter.

Winter's fast approaching and the temperatures are dropping, and that means it's going to cost more to heat your home, but there are some ways to get help.

"Whether it's a utility bill, propane, gas, wood or coal," says Cecilia Waters from Knoxville-Knox County CAC.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is here for you during these cold winter months as the bills pile up.

"We have benefit amounts that run from $400 to $600, based on the household circumstance, their energy burden, the number of members in the household," Waters says.

Knoxville's Community Action Committee says heating a low income household can leave some families with very little.

"These families have to actually budget and look at every dollar they have, and they just don't have a lot of extra money," says Waters.

That's why LI-HEAP has boxes and boxes full of applications this year.

"We have well over 6,000 applications. We're still taking applications, if they're income-eligible," says Waters.

And there's no waiting list yet, The CAC says they don't want anyone left in the cold this winter.

"You can't live in a home when there's no heat. Children get sick, elderly get sick, there's a loss from work, loss from school," says Waters.

You can also get assistance from KUB's Project Help.

"We raise funds for electricity, natural gas, heating oil, kerosene and wool, to help people who need temporary assistance on their heating bills," says Jennifer Fern, from KUB Spokesperson.

KUB also offers the Balance Pay Plan option that will eliminate any surprises on your bill.

"Customers bills will remain the same each month, even if they use more heat. KUB averages the last 12 months of consumption and calculates a monthly payment," Fern says.

And if you haven't done so already, you want to make sure all your doors and windows are fully insulated, and you can do little things to save on your bill. Like keeping your blinds open on a sunny day.

If you live in Knoxville or Knox County and think you may be eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assitance Program or Project Help, call 637-6700.

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