Gas Prices on the Rise

While you can expect your heating bill to go up soon, you can also expect to start paying more to fill-up your car.

AAA of East Tennessee employees surveyed area gas stations for the agency's fuel Gauge report. The numbers show Knoxville pump prices experienced a sudden and substantial increase of roughly 6-to-7 cents a gallon over the past week. The average price here for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel is now $2.19, while the national average is $2.29 a gallon.

Officials say the gas price atmosphere is changing with increased violence in oil-rich Iraq, concern over supplies, and cold weather on the way.

"There's a possibility that the retailers have been holding their price lower to get through the Thanksgiving holiday," said Don Lindsey of AAA. "But after a while, with wholesale prices rising all the time, they eventually had to jump the price to keep a margin."

AAA's Don Lindsey says pump prices are difficult to predict, but that prices may continue to rise through the end of the year.