MySpace To Block Sex Offenders

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KNOXVILLE(WVLT) - If you have a teen, you've probably heard of MySpace. Which means you've heard about the dangers of using the site. Now, MySpace says it's teaming up with a technology firm to keep sex offenders off.

Stephen Bradley with PC of Mind says "parents want to hear that websites like MySpace are putting up safeguards to help situations like the kids who get met by people online who are not who they say they are."

The database will have the name and physical descriptions of predators. When they try to log on, they would get kicked off.
Although a good idea, Bradley says it will be tough to implement. "You can go on right now and get blocked and everything you think might have possibly kept you from getting on you can go right back on and set up a new account."

Parents like Carmen Harb say she's glad they are placing restrictions, but doesn't think they will be effective. "So often times people are able to get around all stops that happen through the internet so that does kinda worry me."

Her two oldest children chose not to have an account, the youngest was given rules. "I just feel like the less people know about her the better off we are," says Harb.

Bradley says several resources are available to parents like 'Net Nanny' that keep personal information off the web. "You can take a look at keystrokes, see any type of history, that's been going on on your PC."

And for Carmen, anything to keep her kids safe is worth it. "Anything that we can do to protect our children is nothing but the advantage for the advantage of our kids."