Teens Finding New Ways to Access Pornography

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Technology seems to be advancing more everyday, and with it can come dangerous consequences.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel shows us how to get a handle on the technology that's taking over your kids' interest!

With so many options for accessing the internet, it's hard to control everything your kids are doing online. However, there is software available to limit what your kids can see, and we're not just talking about the computer in your home. Now you can monitor the devices your kids take outside of the house.
Cellphones and blackberries are opening the door to a whole new world of portable Internet options. Opening a whole new world of concerns for parents.

"I'm a little bit scared of the Internet and all the predators out there looking for kids that are unaware of what's going on," said Cheryl Hamberger, who is a mother of three.

Cheryl Hamberger is buying her kids cell phones. She wants them to have a way to contact her in an emergency, but she also wants to make sure they aren't exposed to indecency online.

"I'm really pretty strict about the Internet," Hamberger said.

But for those whose kids use the cell to connect, you can also control.

"At U.S. Cellular, we have something called the N-Web where you can restrict the content as far as what your children are viewing," said Roger Lavender from U.S. Cellular.

Some devices might not be so parent-friendly. Sony, maker of Playstation Portable, announced it's dismay over third parties soliciting pornography to PSP users.

"The exposure as far as what they can see is wide open," Lavender said.

The company has control over the games released for PSP but not over movie content.

"The only way to block that content is to actually block it at your home to where they jump on the network they can only look at certain things," Lavender said.

Lucky for Cheryl, her kids are mostly interested in music and won't have access to the Internet just yet.

"I think it's probably a feature I will ask not to pay for and block from their phones until I think they're ready or able to handle that better," Hamberger said.

Cellphones that come with an internet package also come with software to help you monitor their web-surfing, but with devices like PSPs, you have to control the Internet in your home because that's how kids can download movies onto that device.