KARM Helping Homeless Seek Shelter For Cold Snap

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Knoxville (WVLT) - With temperatures dropping into the teens tonight it's expected to be one of the coldest nights we've seen this season.

For those without a place to stay, KARM is expecting to serve hundreds in their shelter tonight.

KARM has already placed the white flag outside signaling the homeless that the temperature has dropped below 32 degrees and they need to seek shelter.

KARM is expecting around 500 people to come here tonight. They have extra food, blankets, and beds.

Because of the poor weather they're prepared for this many people, there also extending their hours and allowing people to come here all throughout the night.

KARM has 200 beds for men, and 40 for women, but on a night like tonight they don't want anyone out in the cold.

KARM is also gearing up for cold temperatures Tomorrow morning; therefore hours will once again be extended tonight and into tomorrow.