KARM Houses 300+ Homeless on First Frigid Night

Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox Area Rescue Ministries doors remain open, part of an effort to provide a warm place for the area's homeless.

When temperatures don't make it above freezing, KARM keeps its chapel doors open so no one has to spend unnecessary time in the cold.

Overnight Thursday KARM took in just over 300 people even though they only had a capacity of 240.

"We had people sleeping in our chapel. We gave them a pillow and a blanket, they sleep in the chapel, there have been times we have had to put people out in the floor in the hallway. We'll do whatever we have to so people have a warm place to sleep," says Mary Beth Ramey, KARM Director of Special Events.

The organization also served many residential guests.

Ramey says with tonight's temperatures remaining well below freezing, they're expecting more people to come inside.

You can help by donating blankets, pillows, new warm sweat suits, gloves and socks, and of course KARM is always in need of volunteers.