Ford Won't Confirm Report That He May Run Against Alexander In 2008

Memphis (AP) -- Did Congressman Harold Ford Junior tell elementary school students he'll probably run for US Senate again in two years? Ford won't confirm or deny saying it.

The Los Angeles Times reported the Congressman said that when speaking at a Santa Monica school attended by the children of Fox cable executive Lindsay Gardner, one of Ford's major backers in the campaign.

A 2008 race would pit Ford against Republican Lamar Alexander, who is now in his first term.

It would be a far different political landscape than Ford faced this year when he ran for a seat that was being vacated by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Ford lost the election by 2.7 percentage points to Republican Bob Corker. He has said following the election that he doesn't plan to seek political office two years from now.

Alexander is almost certain to seek re-election. He told a reporter he's serving as if he'll be running and will make a decision early next year.

Ford would have to make a similar decision next year to mount another senatorial campaign.

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