Clarksville War Resister in Canada

Toronto (AP) -- Last year, Patrick Hart was an Army sergeant assigned to Fort Campbell.

Last year, his wife Jill Hart worked in the commander's office at the big Army post on the Tennessee-Kentucky border.

Now, the Harts and their preschool-age son live in Toronto, with help from a network of Canadian supporters.

Hart defected, rather than be deployed to Iraq.

He told higher-ups at Fort Campbell he wanted a pass to go to Buffalo, New York, and see for himself whether the Bills' unproved quarterback J.P. Losman was "the real deal." his parents met him in Buffalo and drove him across the Peace Bridge into Canada, where he was met by members a support group.

Hart is one of at least 25 US troops who have applied for refugee status in Canada. Others are there, who have not applied, perhaps a couple of hundred of them.

Hart had been a soldier for nearly a decade and had been married for five years.

Jill Hart didn't know about her husband's plans until he called her from Toronto. A month later, she and their son were reunited with him.

Hart says he has no desire to return to the US.

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