48 Hours of Violence in Knoxville

Knoxville (WVLT) - In just 48 hours, two shootings in East Knoxville neighborhoods less than a mile apart from one another.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel spoke with folks living there, who say the crime is bad and it's getting worse.

It looks like a quiet neighborhood in a quiet part of town.

But ask Sonnie Weaver and she'll tell you it's anything but.

"This neighborhood used to be quiet but now it's getting the crime rate, the prostitution, the drugs, it's really knockin' at your door."

She worrys about her family they say growing up, you didn't have to worry about these things.

Jalisha Spears says, "You might here about somebody gettin' in a car accident or something, but you didn't hear about anyone getting shot."

This week two shootings, one within 48 hours of the other.

"The ambulance, the fire department, everybody had me stay on the phone while we kept the little fellow calm kept him from going in to shock, but while we was trying to talk to him, they asked him his age, he just faded away on us, he was fading out," says Margerine Scruggs.

The victim: A 17-year-old male shot in the chest. He ran to this house for help and told police who had shot him before heading to the hospital.

A day earlier at another location, less than a mile away another victim: 20-year-old, Richard Lamar Cozart died after being shot several times.

"Whatever happened here at Walter-P, believe me, it's not the people that live here, it's the people that don't live here."

But Sonnie and Jalisha say you never know who's going to be responsible or what's going to happen.

Weaver says, "It's scary to know I have kids here. It could be one of mine just walking by."
"She could be in the middle of a cross-fire or someone walking up to her."

Police haven't arrested any one in either case but say in each, the suspects knew their victims.

Investigators also say the two incidents are not related.