Wrapping Gifts for the Less Fortunate

(WVLT) - While many people are spending the last few days before Christmas finishing their shopping, some spent their day wrapping Christmas gifts for the less fortunate. More than 50 volunteers came together at the Knox Area Rescue Ministries armed with scotch tape, scissors and wrapping paper. They wrapped up donated shoes, clothing, toys and anything else on the KARM families wish lists.

"It shows that they're not forgotten. That everyone is going to get something for Christmas and that's so important. We don't want to forget anybody if they're on the streets or if they're living in a shelter, " said Mary Beth Ramey with KARM.

Lynell Smith wrapped up gifts with her two teenager daughters. "More than anything, just teaching my kids to give, to give back, and to appreciate what they have, and even sometimes what they don't have," said Smith.

It looks like her lesson worked. 15 year-old Jessie Smith was brought to tears at the thought of a child without a gift on Christmas. "Some people don't have what we have. They go without anything on Christmas, with the love of their family. Even if you don't get everything you want, there's somebody out there getting nothing for Christmas," Jessie Smith said. "It doesn't matter if we get gifts now because we know that they have them."

"I used to really think I wasn't maybe giving my kids enough and now I realize what my kids get is a lot compared to what other people give," said Lynell Smith. "Everyday we tend to look at our own problems, but when you look at everything as a whole, you really don't have it that bad."

KARM says the volunteers have no idea how much they are giving to the families in need. "It just really thrills my heart to see the volunteer spirit that we have here in Knoxville," said Ramey.

KARM still needs volunteers for christmas. If you'd like to help out, give their office a call at 673-6540. You can also get more information by going to their website, www.KARM.org.